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Monday, June 19, 2006

Waiting for NECC

Well, I am a little challenged today. I re-discovered that its one thing to read about technology and new innovations, its yet another to take on new technologies.

At this (and previous) NECC convention, there are going to be some geocachers holding court outside the convention area. They are planning to set up a course of caches, with the intent of getting teachers to find ways to include this GPS based activity in classrooms. Thus far, I've used geocaching to try to teach latitude and longitude to 5th grade social studies students. We are thinking about using a WebQuest designed for geocaching next year, but as yet have no committment from a classroom teacher. I may modify a bit and see if I can accomplish similar goals throught the library. We have tracked Travel Bugs in the past, but the random nature of the movement of travel bugs makes this a catch as catch can lesson.

The NECCGeocachers have setup a Yahoo Group, and as I am already a member of several of those, I have no problem keeping up with that. The challenge came in the form of a "wiki" page. While I grasp the concept (one of the better proponents I've seen so far is David Warlick) , the actuality is leaving something to be desired. The site selected presents a confusing array of posibilities, and thus far I've found the help to be less than helpful. This is one of those times that I wish I knew someone that had already done this sort of thing. In the field of Amateur Radio, we call these folks "Elmers." Old folks that have already done what you're trying to do, just waiting for you to ask for help.

Now, where can I find a "Elmer" for a wiki?


Blogger Glenn E. Malone said...

I'm excited to meet you in San Diego!

GEM's :)

11:33 PM  
Blogger C. Nelson said...

i'm coming too!! all the way from SC

7:58 PM  

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