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Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Completed the final installment of SEI Training today. I am now certifiable again in the Great State of Arizona. I get to keep my job and get paid for another two years. Then I have to renew my fingerprint card, renew my certificate, and show that I have participated in 180 hours of inservice designed to improve my teaching.

I think what strikes me most about all of the various sorts of training that we've experienced in the last 4-6 years (most of which focused on ELL students), is that the methods we are expected to use are methods that many "master teachers" are already using in very similar forms. A good teacher from the last 20-40 years would recognize every single one of them, and probably can tell you what works and what the pitfalls are as well.

The other standout is the lack of methods related to technology. I can't think of a single example that was specific to the use of any form of technology. Everything was paper based. You could create "forms" for use with students, but the form could have been created with the old ditto machine, a pen and a ruler as well. (Jeez, I can smell the ditto fluid just thinking about it!)

On the flip side, every teacher in every subject is subjected to some form of pressure to use technology.

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