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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Day One

Day One

Spent the day getting to San Diego. Started by getting to the airport too early, so I had a long time to wait and people watch.

We stepped out of the airport in San Diego to be struck by the best temperatures we’ve felt in weeks. Arizona is in the summer – the evening low temps are often in the low 90’s, so arriving to feel light breezes and 80 degrees was wonderful. Then off to the hotel. Then out of the hotel as fast as possible to track down some lunch. We ate at a place called Anthony’s - not 2 stars, but a passable lunch. Big chunks of clam meat in an olive oil sauxe with penne. It was advertised to have garlic, but that seemed to be missing. The tomato/garlic butter for the bread was excellent.

Then back to the convention center, to get our registration packet and goodies. We somehow managed to get a preview of the exhibit floor. We kept asking for directions, and kept getting to see more and more of the process of setup. Looks like there’s a lot to do.

Then we went over to visit the Geocacher’s. I had volunteered my time for later in the convention, and I've been a geocacher for a few years now. My fellow teacher, Jim, was up for something new so we grabbed to coordinates, and started out to find the caches. We didn’t realize that they were planning to clean up the caches at 5pm, so we missed the last 4 caches. We were certain that we had located the right spots, but the containers were gone.

Then on to the evening festivities. American food (does bratwurst really count as American?) Mariachi music, rocket pops, and pretzels. The finale was out on the balcony, where the city had placed 3 barges. The launched 3 identical (yet widely spaced) firework shows in the bay. Wonderful stuff! It was the first time I had ever seen a pair of cubes in fireworks! Next year, I suppose we should expect dice…


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