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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Day Two - Session One

rough start, great sessions!

An unfortunate late start today. A little illness last night, and I chose to ignore the alarm at 6:15. I left the room feeling much better at 8:30. I tried to find a little breakfast, but somehow muffins and cookies just don’t seem to fill the bill.

My fist session was with Cheryl Lemke from the Metiri Group. These fine folks are an incredible research group, helping schools find out where and what they are, and then helping them to redirect themselves to where they really think they want to go. They also look and software and try to determine where or not the software does what it claims to do, or even if what it does do is likely to work based on what research says what works.

This session was imaginatively titled using the word “vortex.” I liked the way Metiri has chosen to identify software as various genres. Then they were able to describe what to look for, that is, what makes a good tool in that genre. The first time I saw this, they could only share titles that were out of print. This time we were able to see a few titles that fit the bill.

Cheryl also displayed a 3D graph that combines all these genres, and goes on to describe where the software might fall on the graph from didactic vs constructivist, authenticity of learning, basic skills vs higher order thinking, and real world vs artificial world. This is a tool that we use in our district as part of our software adoption process. Cheryl suggested that some school leaders use is as a check of how technology is being used in their schools. Great stuff!


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