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Reflections on the events and happenings of a new librarian, veteran teacher, and soon to retire educator in Arizona. I've been a music teacher, computer lab teacher (VIC 20, Apple IIe, C-64, MacPlus, and PC), curriculum integration specialist, and am about to add Library Media Specialist to the list. My interests include photography, 4 wheeling (in a Jeep Unlimited), hiking, technology, and renovating my house.

Thursday, July 06, 2006


Food Tidbits with other educators from the Great State of Arizona. We met at Buster's in Seaport Village, lots of great goodies and getting to see some familiar faces. I managed to get trapped behind a table, so spent the time people watching, and asking my neighbor what their neighbor just said.

Then out to the park to play. I brought along my little backpack ParaStunter, a little 2 liner that is fast and fun. I had to shorten up the lines for the lighter wind conditions, but spent a good 40 minutes playing with the sky and wind.

Managed to take a few pictures as the sun dropped behind the clouds. This is one of the better ones.

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