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Friday, July 07, 2006

Geocaching at NECC

What to say? I volunteered a couple of hours to man the table here at NECC. I know that I have fun with this activity, lots of folks seems to wander by, aska few questions, and keep on wandering. A few walk away when they hear that it involves walking for a little over an hour - and even fewer sign up totake the plunge.

I have really enjoyed my forays into geocaching - but I don't think that its something for everyone!

They've set up a series of 9 caches around the conference area - people check out a GPSr that's preset with the coordinates of the caches, and they get a map, a set of clues, help on the first two caches. Then they are turned loose to go find the rest. Most come back with a pocketful of goodies, a tired but victorious look on their face.

Here's a few photos of the leaders (BTW - Happy Birthday Sandy!)

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Blogger Glenn E. Malone said...

Thanks for your help at the booth!

GEM's :)

1:38 AM  

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