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Friday, July 07, 2006

Kathy Schrock - Primary Resources

Kathy Schrock and Primary Resources

“A genuine morsel of history is a thing so rare as to be treasured forever.” – Thomas Jefferson.

Looked to me like Kathy had a new subject, and she covered it thoroughly, with great organization. She included things in the mix of Primary Resources that I never would have considered as Primary Resources. I tend to think in terms of older historical material, but she thinks to include more recent materials as well.

She really went the distance – definition(s), textbooks, questions for analysis of data for bias, selection of resources, and on and on. Examples of many of the items as well.

One thing though – a pet peeve – why do presenters feel the need to read the bullets? Please refer to the first keynote from Dewitt on the right way to use PowerPoint.

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Blogger Kathy Schrock said...

Thanks for the well-done review of my talk. I am glad you learned some new sites.

The bullet thing is something that I always struggle with. I actually have much more to say than what is on the screen, but, when time gets tight, I have to cut to the bare minimum, which is the bullets themselves.

I also do read entire definitions, since I don't feel it is my place to edit someone else's good work (and the auditory learners get the drift.)

Hope that explains why I sometimes break the "reading the bullets" rule !

Kathy Schrock

7:06 PM  
Blogger AZTechLibrarian said...

I think we're all guilty of the same thing - somehow that time thing just kills us. I've taken to removing the bullets entirely, and putting them on the notes. Nobody sees the bullets but me - unless they request a copy of the presentation.

6:25 PM  

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