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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Second Day - Second Session

Second Session

Back to Cheryl for the afternoon session. This time Metiri looks at why technology works in some places and not others.

To summarze coarsely, it is largely two things. Leadership and Teaching.

We are told that leadership needs to get it. My own immediate leaders had other concerns - reading and math scores. Teachers, therefore, also had to concerns - reading and math. Hard to knock that when it is obvious that we have students that cannot read on grade level in every grade. middle grade students that have no automaticity with basic math operations. We have admittedly made great efforts, and we are starting reap great rewards, at least as far as assessment seems to indicate. The jury is still out on whether or not these students will be able to think - once they can read. But at least we are pretty sure now that we are doing to teach reading is in fact working.

Changing teaching is a huge challenge. We were told that it takes at least 25 various exposures of just one tech innovation before a teacher is ready to take it on for themsleves. That's assuming that the teacher already "gets it." I’ve heard this statistic before, and it seems to ring true with my own experience as a teacher trainer/collaborator/coach.

Perhaps I need to take a lesson from Dewitt Jones, and allow my passion for technolgy and learning to provide the impetus that I see missing in the leadership I choose to work with. I am surrounded here my great ideas, great thinkers, great tools. Why not take that forward? I can attest that it has worked in the past.

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